# About us - Rooted solutions, boundless reach

Rooted solutions, boundless reach

We started as a design studio in 2002 with spanking new machines & enthusiastic hands. We took on everything, be it large format print designs, touch screen games, VR simulation, product design, corporate films, websites, creative apps, CBTs and more. This indiscriminate exposure helped us discern & hone our core strengths – ‘Content Development’, be it for websites, portal or e-learning. Plying on these core competencies we have been fortunate in sealing customer satisfaction these many years.

The team at Brewin Ideas has remained unchanged for over a decade. Our shared experiences and adventures into newer technologies have only armed us further with confidence in our capabilities. This opinion is best supported by the belief our clients place on us. While our stride through technology and solutions have been firm and sure footed what has remained rooted ,and what we take most pride in, is the service our clients have come to expect from us.

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